Steamed Mussels with Bacon, Leeks, Cider & Cream


1.5kg     mussels

150g     dry cured smoked streaky
bacon diced 1cm cubes

100g     leek diced in 1cm squares

300ml dry cider

200ml double cream

Plenty of roughly chopped flat leaf parsley


Wash the mussels in plenty of cold water to ensure any sand comes out of shell

Remove all barnacles and beards from mussels

Wash again thoroughly and allow to drain well

When you are ready to eat (because this doesn’t take long) place a larger heavy bottom pan on high on the stove

Add good glug of rapeseed oil and once the oil is smoking add the bacon

Move the bacon around in the pan to get a good nut brown colour and remove all the smoky bacon fat into the pan

Add the leeks stir a couple of times then add the mussels

As soon as the mussels are in the pan pour in the cider give it a stir and cover with a tight lid keeping the pan on full heat

After about 2 minutes have a look to see if the mussels have started to open. If not return to heat and check after another minute. It is important that the mussels have opened before adding the cream but be sure not to overcook them or they will become chewy

Once all the mussels are open add the cream and parsley

Return to the boil then divide between 4 warm bowls and serve with warm crusty bread


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